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Image about Discover your listening power

Discover your listening power


During the challenge you will receive one short assignment in your email for 5 days. You will learn * How to be a listening ear for oth...

Image about E-learning recruiting volunteers

E-learning recruiting volunteers


What is the best and fastest way to find new volunteers? What do you need for that? In this e-learning we divide the recruitment of vol...

Image about Basic training Dialogue Guidance

Basic training Dialogue Guidance

Utrecht in Dialoog

Do you want to connect people in a beautiful way? You can learn to guide dialogue! Discover the art of appreciative dialogue, the struc...

Image about E-learning fundraising

E-learning fundraising


How do I find funding for my project? How do I submit an application to a fund? What tips are there to be successful with an applicatio...

Image about E-learning GOOD coping with dementia

E-learning GOOD coping with dementia


Together Dementie Friendly offers a number of online training courses on recognizing dementia, making contact and properly solving diff...

Image about Online college for the elderly

Online college for the elderly


Done Old, Learned Young offers fantastic online lectures made especially for the elderly. From art history to technology, there is a lo...

Image about coach / volunteer loneliness starts Oct 12th

coach / volunteer loneliness starts Oct 12th

Humanitas 's-Hertogenbosch

Humanitas Tandem will start with a preparatory training on Wednesday 12 October. As a volunteer within the Loneliness theme you offer s...

Image about PC Basic Course

PC Basic Course

SeniorWeb Den Haag

In this course you will learn the basic skills to use and become familiar with a computer and Windows. Learn how to use the mouse and k...

Image about Model


Dagbeleving LevensKracht

Do you like to sculpt in a low-stimulus environment or to learn this? Buy a 10 strip card and we'll make an appointment to come...

Image about Training Selling on Marktplaats

Training Selling on Marktplaats

de Bibliotheek Midden-Brabant

* Cleaned up your attic in 5 lessons * Are you more digitally handy * And digitally safer Do you want to know how to use Marktplaats in...

Image about Practice State Exam NT2 Program I and II

Practice State Exam NT2 Program I and II


Do you want to practice for the State Exam NT2 Program I and II? You can practice online via Het Praathuis. Every week you can practice...

Image about First Aid & Lifesaving Action for Adults

First Aid & Lifesaving Action for Adults

Schok & Pomp Medische Trainingen

This lifesaving course for adults has been designed by various doctors with work experience in the emergency room. In this short course...

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