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Image about Dementia and volunteer work

Dementia and volunteer work


In this free online training you will gradually learn skills that are important when you come into contact with people with dementia...

Image about Colleges for the elderly

Colleges for the elderly


These lectures are specially made for the elderly and taught by students, so that generations are connected. The subjects are very b...

Image about Serve alcohol responsibly (IVA)

Serve alcohol responsibly (IVA)


This free online course allows volunteers to earn the IVA Bar Volunteer Certificate. Take the course, take the test and you can down...

Image about Empowerment



Provider: Humanitas In this training from Humanitas you will learn how to help someone to change a situation using their own strengt...

Image about Strengthen network

Strengthen network


Provider: Humanitas In this training you will learn how you can help someone to strengthen and expand the social network.

Image about traffic controller

traffic controller


In order to perform activities as an event traffic controller, the E-instruction Traffic Controllers for Events must be successfully...

Image about Working from self-direction

Working from self-direction


In this mini course from Movisie you will learn how to work as a professional from self-direction. We link the theory to a client fr...

Image about Dealing with non-fluff situations

Dealing with non-fluff situations


This free e-learning is about situations in which it seems that things are not going well with a person requesting help. As a volunt...

Image about E-learning recruiting volunteers

E-learning recruiting volunteers


What is the best and fastest way to find new volunteers? What do you need for that? In this e-learning we divide the recruitment of...

Image about E-learning fundraising

E-learning fundraising


How do I find funding for my project? How do I submit an application to a fund? What tips are there to be successful with an applica...

Image about E-learning GOOD coping with dementia

E-learning GOOD coping with dementia


Together Dementie Friendly offers a number of online training courses on recognizing dementia, making contact and properly solving d...

Image about Online college for the elderly

Online college for the elderly


Done Old, Learned Young offers fantastic online lectures made especially for the elderly. From art history to technology, there is a...

Image about PC Basic Course

PC Basic Course

SeniorWeb Den Haag

In this course you will learn the basic skills to use and become familiar with a computer and Windows. Learning to use the mouse and...

Image about Heroin course (register per group)

Heroin course (register per group)

Rode Kruis district Rotterdam-RIjnmond

Heldin is a course for women who do not yet have the knowledge, skills and self-confidence to be able or dare to act in an emergency...

Image about Training for new Debt Assistance Mates DH

Training for new Debt Assistance Mates DH

Stichting schuldhulpmaatje Den Haag

Training – Stichting SchuldHulpMaatje The Hague Training Before you can become a buddy, you follow a three-day training that is give...

Image about Tai Chi Fusion, energise your day in 30 min

Tai Chi Fusion, energise your day in 30 min


Every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 7:00am to 7:30 am FREE
SIGN UP HERE www.sparkon.org

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