Safety & Reliability

Here you can read how we guarantee the security of this platform, and what you can do yourself.

Your rights

Do you want to view, adjust or both of your data?

Do you want to know which personal data we have recorded about you? Then you can use your 'Right of access'. Do you want to change your details? Then you can use your 'Right to correction'.

When you log in to your account, you will see a lot of your personal data there. You can also edit them there:

  • You can view or adjust in “My profile”:
    First name, last name, date of birth, gender, zip code, experience, VOG, telephone number and your profile picture.
  • You can view or adjust in “My settings”:
    Email address, email settings, password and social media links.
  • You can view or adjust via “My questions” or “My offer”:
    Your interests and preferences for providing or requesting assistance.
  • You can view via “My messages”:
    All messages you have sent and received from other people with a profile.

You can request information from us that you cannot view via your account. You can do this by submitting a request via the employees of the local website where you created your profile or via [email protected] .

We will respond to all your requests as described here within 4 weeks. In the case of complex requests, we can extend the term by another 4 weeks. If we extend the term, we will notify you within 4 weeks of submitting the request.

Do you want to unsubscribe your personal data or your account?

Log in and go to “My Settings”. At the bottom of the page is a button 'Deactivate account'. If you click on this button, your account is no longer active. Your personal data will not be supplemented any further and you can no longer log in yourself. When the retention period has expired, we will delete your data.

Do you want us to immediately delete your personal data completely? Then make use of your right to be 'forgotten'. You can request this from the employee of the local website where you created your profile or via [email protected] But sometimes we are allowed to keep certain data. This is allowed if necessary or recommended to provide our services to others, resolve disputes, and enforce applicable terms of use. If it has to be technical or legal or both, or if the service or law or both require it.

Do you want to limit the processing of your personal data?

We process your personal data. This means that we collect, store or use it, for example. You can ask us to process less data in the future or to stop processing your data. We will take this into account as far as possible. We need some data to ensure that you can continue to use our matching platform. If we are no longer allowed to process that data, you may no longer be able to use the platform.

Do you want us to transfer your personal data?

You can ask us to transfer the personal information we process about you to another person. You have to say exactly which information has to be transferred. We can provide you with the information if it concerns information that has been processed on the basis of the execution of the agreement, or on the basis of consent. We cannot provide the information if this information also contains personal data about other (natural) persons.

Do you want to make a complaint?

You have the right to submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority about the way in which we handle personal data. You can reach this at

This is how we protect your personal data >

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