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Here you can read how we guarantee the security of this platform, and what you can do yourself.
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This is how we protect your personal data

Good security

We store your personal data on a computer server located in a database center in the European Union. This center has received certificates for good quality and various forms of security. These are the following certificates: ISO 9001, 14001, 27001 NEN7510 and ISAE 3402.

Encrypted connection

The Social Care Network network is secured with a technique called TLS (Transport Layer Security). You can tell by the green lock in your browser.


All information sent via our website is encrypted in a special way. When you visit a website, you leave all kinds of information behind. We do not want other organizations or individuals to read this information. That is why we protect your data with TLS.


Do you want to be sure that you can move safely on our platform. Then use a reliable browser. These are the new updated browsers such as Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.

Staff members

We handle information that you provide to us in confidence. Only employees who have the right to do so may view and process your data. All employees of Social Care Network and all local websites within our network have this right. The local parties only have access to personal data that falls within the region of a website. For example, Almelovoorelkaar only sees data from people with a profile from the Almelo area. The employees can view, edit, investigate or all three personal data. Exactly what data they can see depends on their role in the organization. The persons who have access to this data have all signed an agreement. They must comply with what is stated in this privacy statement, and with the laws that apply.

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