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As indicated in the cookie banner, our website uses various types of cookies. In this cookie policy we explain:

  • what these cookies are
  • what these cookies are used for
  • how you can adjust the settings to accept or reject cookies

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files, bits of information, that the website places on your device when you visit this website. They are not harmful to the computer, but thanks to the cookies we can make the website as user-friendly and easy as possible for you. We also use them to reach you on other websites.


During your first visit to the website you can agree to all cookies or decide for yourself which cookies you do and do not want to allow. You can always change your settings. To do this, click on the 'cookie settings' link at the bottom of every page of our website, in the footer.


For each IP address, it is recorded which cookies have been accepted and refused. This information is stored and updated for 12 months when you adjust your cookie settings. After these months, the information will be deleted again and you will therefore see the cookie notification again when using our website. You can then indicate your preferences again.

Which cookies are placed?

1. Functional cookies

We use a number of functional cookies that ensure that the website can be displayed and works properly. By disabling the cookies for this website, the website may not work properly on your computer and the experience may not be optimal. The functional cookies do not collect any personal data. These cookies are automatically accepted when using our website.

2. Analytical cookies

In order to continuously improve the website and make it more user-friendly, we use four statistics programs for which we place cookies: Google Analytics, New Relic, Optimizely & Hotjar. The measured data is processed anonymously ( without IP address & demographic & location data) and is never provided to third parties. We always adhere to the guidelines of the Dutch Data Protection Authority. These cookies are automatically accepted when using our website.

3. Social media cookies

Content from social media sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter often contain cookies. We do not know what these platforms do with these cookies. The data is not transparent for NLvoorelkaar. Because you can log in to this website with social media, content can be shared with social media and we play videos via a player (and cookies are therefore placed by these parties), we need your permission according to cookie legislation. If you do not give permission for this, you will not be able to play videos on the website or easily share content.

4. Cookies for Targeted Advertising

We do this using the DoubleClick cookies. With this cookie, DoubleClick knows from Google that you have visited our website. In this way we can reach you with advertisements on other websites (remarketing). For example, to be able to show you appropriate messages that make you think about us again and consider helping someone else via our platform. In addition, we use conversion tracking to analyze whether our advertisements are useful. Of course we only want to show you relevant advertisements. These cookies disappear automatically after 30 days. We do not collect location data with these cookies and do not store data for profiling. Finally, these cookies are used when you want to play a video on our website. These videos come from organizations such as YouTube who may choose to place a cookie when you watch this video.

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