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Profile picture of Laura

Laura's offer


Am a woman of at 64 years old. Raised 3 children and am now a grandmother of 3 grandchildren. But these are now a bit bigger. Worked...

Profile picture of Mascha

Offer from Mascha


Hello! My name is Mascha and I would like to help with: Activity guidance, Hospitality & catering, In a store and Animal care. Send...

Profile picture of Julia

Offer from Julia


Hello, I am in early retirement (60+). I enjoy my free time and have many hobbies (music, painting etc.) I love learning foreign lan...

Profile picture of Irene

Offer from Irene


I would like to mean something to people who need help with walking the dog or shopping (if desired, also help with making a shoppin...

Profile picture of René



I have clicked above in which area I would like to work. be employable.

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Profile picture of Martin

Offer from Martin


I've been retired since September 2020, but still too fit and energetic to "..sit all day at home..". I am now active as a (voluntee...

Profile picture of Erwin

Offer from Erwin


My name is Erwin and I would like to help someone who finds it difficult to find contacts through a chat, walk or fun activity. I kn...

Profile picture of Loes

Offer from Loes


I am an active older woman who enjoys driving. You can always approach me for your transport question throughout the Netherlands

Too much choice? Find a match faster using the filters

Profile picture of Sander

Offer from Sander


I would like to give up some free time to help others, where they can no longer do it themselves. For the time being, I do that in t...

Profile picture of Fatih

Offer from Fatih


I want to do people a favor and be a useful person.

Profile picture of Hans

Offer from Hans


I have been retired for over 4 years now. Since I have plenty of time to mean something to other people, I am looking for volunteer...

Profile picture of İbrahim

Offer from İbrahim


Hello! My name is İbrahim and I would like to help with: Management & organization, Collection & fundraisers, Help with poverty, In...

Profile picture of Firdevs

Offer from Firdevs


Hello! My name is Firdevs and I would like to help with: Activity guidance, Administration & reception and Guidance & coaching. Sen...

Profile picture of Joke

Help with computer skills

Stadsdiakonaat Delft

The City Diaconate offers help with computer skills. We guide and help you with actions on the internet. This includes obtaining inf...

Profile picture of Lydia

To cook


I like to cook and hostess at care circle I already do. But I also really like 1 on 1 work

Profile picture of Soraya

Need a babysitter?


Hello, I'm Soraya, I am 46 years old and a mother of 2 children. From 14 and 15 years old. I am patient, empathetic, understanding a...

Profile picture of Tarkan

Offer from Tarkan


Greetings, I am (Tarkan Korkmaz) I will offer you services👇 garden maintenance and pruning, Mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, Decora...

Profile picture of Rahaf

Offer from Rahaf


Hello! I am Rahaf and I would like to help with: Activity guidance, Guidance & coaching, Language & reading, Hospitality & catering,...

Profile picture of Vera

Offer from Vera


Hello! I'm Vera. I am caring and creative and love animals and helping others. I like to have a coffee in the local café, take a wal...

Profile picture of Annette

Offer from Annette


Hello! My name is Annette and I would like to help with: Assistance with poverty, Administration & reception and Animal care. Send...

Profile picture of Kamal

Offer from Kamal


Hello! My name is Kamal and I would like to help with: Groceries, Indoor jobs and Outside jobs & garden. Send me a message if there...

Profile picture of Jo

Offer from Jo


As a retiree with more than 15 years of experience in development work as a trainer, teaching material developer and project develop...

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