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Profile picture of Erwin

Offer from Erwin


My name is Erwin and I would like to help someone who finds it difficult to find contacts through a chat, walk or fun activity. I know ...

Profile picture of Dominic

Offer from Dominic


so, im from ukraine and i dont know dutch so pardon if some of those fields are filled suboptimally, but i do know english, russian and...

Profile picture of Ellis

Offer from ellis


within the framework of organisations, in the field of administrative law, as a lawyer for constitutional and administrative law, to cr...

Profile picture of Catelijn

Offer from Catelijn


Hello, I'm Catelijn Kellner and I'm 18 years old and I live in Voorburg. I am doing an MBO hotel school in The Hague and I am having a ...

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Profile picture of Rob

Offer from Robert


I am a retired medical specialist, MD PhD, and would like to help someone who needs help speaking and reading the Dutch language

Profile picture of Mustafa



I want to learn about new people, build relationships and make friends. Helping others makes me feel comfortable and happy, it enhances...

Too much choice? Find a match faster using the filters

Profile picture of Fred

Fred's offerings


Dear people, I am now retired, but still very vital physically and mentally; academically trained (Leiden University, Child and Adole...

Profile picture of Zeki

Offer from Zeki


I am happy to help you with gardening and simple household chores. I can also lay laminate...

Profile picture of Nicole

Nicole's offer


I think it would be nice to help someone and at the same time be out yourself

Profile picture of Julian

Offer from Julian


Would like to do something for other people, because I have the feeling that people are too busy with themselves. Also have a busy job,...

Profile picture of Angelique



hello I'm angelique and I'm 56 and smoke, I would like a buddy (girlfriend) with whom you can do fun things together, whether it's neig...

Profile picture of Rohan

Offerings from Rohan


I am open to getting to know people, to share, to do fun things. My English is fluent, so English speakers are more than welcome. H...

Profile picture of Bertus

Offer from bertus


I have been doing volunteer work for some time, including repair cafe. I accompany someone to FC Twente.

Profile picture of JanPiet

New in the Municipality of Velsen?


Are you new in the Municipality of Velsen? I would be happy to show you around our beautiful Municipality and I will tell you about it ...

Profile picture of Ina

Offer from Ina


Good morning, my name is Ina, almost sixty and would like to support and help people in a new phase In this time, care for each other ...

Profile picture of Jan

Offer from Jan


I am handy and have broad technical knowledge (hardware). In addition, I am proficient in Dutch/English, technical photographer and hav...

Profile picture of Burak

Offerings from Burak


I think my language level doesn't have to be very good to be able to help :) The most important thing is to be able to agree. I was a p...

Profile picture of Judith

Offerings from Judith


I would like to be involved and participate in the participation of people in society, for those who need it. I would like to do this a...

Profile picture of Marcel

Offer from Marcel


Please help people with chores at home, no painting or wallpapering

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