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One of our residents is looking for a buddy to chat, walk, play games or do fun things with. She is looking for a buddy about once a week, an appointment can be planned together. She is looking for a buddy over 40 years old, preferably with children. topics of conversation.

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One of our residents is looking for a buddy to chat, walk, play games or do fun things with. She is looking for a buddy about once a week, an appointment can be planned together.
She is looking for a buddy over 40 years old, preferably with children. topics of conversation.

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Weekly from 1 to 2 hours




Wheelchair accessible


For whom

People who are being guided/living

Impact area

Social & wellbeing


Buddy & company

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Start a Fietsmaatjes location in your area


Who would you like to volunteer with? Dedicate yourself together with a friend or your partner to the people in your neighborhood, village or city. How nice is that? The Fietsmaatjes Nederland Foundation aims to ensure that everyone in the Netherlands who can no longer cycle can go on bike rides with a buddy on an electrically assisted duo bike. This is already possible in 50 municipalities throughout the Netherlands, and we hope that this will grow to at least 60 municipalities within 2 years. The first step? Come to our online meeting alone or together! The next information meeting is scheduled online on Wednesday, May 15 at 7:30 PM. Subject: how to start your own Fietsmaatjes location. We tell you who we are, how Fietsmaatjes works and how you can (together) set up your own organization. We also share tips for finding other enthusiasts in your municipality. Of course there is also an opportunity for questions. You can register via our website or send an email to info@ (our name in the logo)


Hosts and ladies wanted

Stichting Sigrid's Garden

Sigrid's Garden, a center for life with and after cancer, is there for people who have (had) cancer, their loved ones and/or surviving relatives. One person comes for a conversation with a volunteer or a cup of coffee. Others come by to participate in a (creative) activity. Something that is indispensable for Sigrids Garden is the hostess/host. Give visitors a warm welcome. They provide a cup of coffee or tea. Being able to offer a listening ear without this bothering you. As a volunteer, you first come along to see if the volunteer hostess at Sigrids Garden is something for you. We ask you to be available for 1 half day per week. If we can finally welcome you as a volunteer, you will follow the IPSO basic course. This will provide you with tools you can use as a volunteer at Sigrids Garden. We offer: volunteer work in a friendly, informal and professional atmosphere * IPSO basic course and possibility to attend workshops * personal growth * scheduling in consultation * team building outing * fun year-end closing * a lot of appreciation. Do you think it would be something worth getting to know? Please contact us. Respond directly to this vacancy or email [email protected].


'Cycle-along' volunteer

Treant, locatie de Schutse

A man, born in 1947, 76 years old, is looking for a buddy to cycle with. He lives in the De Schutse residential care center. He cycles with an E bike and a helmet. The man has a form of dementia. He likes to talk about before. Politics is important to him, in the middle of the spectrum of left and right, in terms of positions. He also loves horses and therefore cycling. He prefers a men's cycling buddy. As a volunteer you cycle along, a nice tour of about an hour. Together you know the way. The man finds it difficult when too many things happen at the same time. It would be nice if you could come and cycle regularly as a volunteer. We welcome volunteers. Every year there is an appreciation moment, a Christmas gift and the opportunity to exercise cheaper. Who makes this man happy with a nice bike ride?


Parent wanted to share parenting experiences

Home-Start Coevorden

Do you want to make a difference for another parent? Are you also a parent, grandparent or educator? Do you have 2 to 3 hours a week to support a family with children by providing a listening ear, sharing experiences, going out together and seeing what the family needs? Then register as a Home-Start volunteer! www.home-start.nl Nice team of fellow volunteers, mileage reimbursement and free training Home-startcoevorden.nl

Hoogeveen, Meppel, Hardenberg, Coevorden

Animal rescuer at the Animal Ambulance

D.A.R. Dierenambulance

DAR animal ambulance is looking for people who want to learn the profession of animal rescuer As an employee of DAR animal ambulance, we are often asked by people whether working at an animal ambulance is not very difficult and the comment is often made that they would never be able to do this work because they find it too sad to take all kinds of animals from to have to go to the street and because they are afraid of blood and violent images. Yet the reality is different. Working regions and reporting stations The work is done by a group of dedicated unpaid volunteers spread over several reporting stations. D.A.R. drives from the reporting stations. Animal ambulance Drenthe/IJsselland in the municipalities; Coevorden, Hardenberg, Ommen, Hoogeveen, de Wolden, Westerveld, Meppel, Staphorst, Zwartewaterland and Steenwijkerland. The reporting stations are located in Hoogeveen, Hardenberg and Meppel and together these reporting stations have six fully equipped animal ambulances and equipment. Part-time job In fact, you have a part-time job, which, in addition to preparedness and helpfulness, requires group bonding and team spirit. As an employee of DAR animal ambulance, your work is very varied and you are not only busy helping animals in need. For example, you also help take care of animals at the DAR animal ambulance reporting stations and drive to an animal clinic, for example for an owner who does not have a car and whose dog needs to go to the vet to have its nails clipped and receive vaccinations. We also have a special team of volunteers who chip animals at people's homes, we provide information through: presentations and we provide monthly courses for volunteers. educations DAR animal ambulance has an extensive training package, consisting of various courses and training. These are free for the volunteers of the corps. By courses we mean a broad animal first aid course, consisting of several modules, training for working safely on highways, theory courses for administration, practical lessons on how to deal with precarious situations. Being a volunteer is quite a burden, especially within the first year, because you have to follow all kinds of training courses. Volunteering at DAR animal ambulance is therefore not without obligation. Become a volunteer DAR animal ambulance is looking for people who want to be trained as a professional animal rescuer. We recruit people with the best capabilities. At DAR animal ambulance we are not guided by cultural background, gender identity, religious beliefs, orientation or age. Profile: ~ you are at least 18 years old ~ you are in good medical, physical and psychological condition ~ you are socially skilled and have communication skills ~ you are available at least two half days a week ~ you are a team player, stress-resistant and you have a sense of responsibility ~ you are flexible


Gardener wanted: impact!

Stichting Sigrid's Garden

Sigrid's Garden, the center for life with and after cancer, is looking for a passionate gardener to join our team. We support people who have or have had cancer, their loved ones and surviving relatives. People come to us for a listening ear, a cup of coffee or to participate in creative activities. What we ask of you: As a gardener at Sigrid's Garden, you play a crucial role in creating a serene and well-maintained garden, where visitors can relax, recover and participate in activities such as restorative yoga and outdoor painting. You directly contribute to the well-being of our guests by providing a peaceful and inspiring environment. You work 1 to 2 hours a week in our garden, at times that suit you. Tools for properly maintaining the garden are available. What we offer: Volunteer work in a cozy and professional atmosphere Flexible working hours in consultation Lots of fun and appreciation Would you like to get to know us and become part of our team? Then respond directly to this vacancy or send an email to [email protected]