Loes and her heroes

Loes and her heroes Loes was very well helped through GOvoorelkaar with the jobs in her house. "Treasures of men they are!", she says. "Since my son didn't have time to help me with the odd jobs around my house, I placed a call on GOvoorelkaar. Ben responded, and he came right away. A week later, everything had been hung up. He also helped me cut the hedge When my son came to visit later, the first thing he said was "Mom, who hung that painting?!", and I proudly showed what Ben had done for me . I proudly showed what Ben had done Later I placed a call on GOvoorelkaar, asking if anyone wanted to come and put up ceiling lights. Hans saw my call and responded immediately. Moments later he came to me packed and packed with a lot of tools. Well, that job wasn't nothing! Hans has worked very hard, he deserved a good cup of coffee. But he wasn't done yet. A closet had to be picked up and put together, and I asked Hans if he could help me with that. He didn't know if he had time in the short term. But, two days later, the doorbell suddenly rang, and there he was already! I am still so thankful! I am still very grateful to these two treasures of men. It's amazing how quickly and competently they helped me. It was always very pleasant during the baking of coffee. I would like to put them in the spotlight, I think it is very special that they have helped me so well." Share these stories and inspire others to help too! Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Whatsapp Forward

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