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Profile picture of Ingrid

Offer from Ingrid


I live in a beautiful area by the sea and I have my driver's license. I think it would be fun to offer trips and act as a driver.

Profile picture of Tessa

Offer from Tessa


At the moment I work from home a lot, which makes me a bit isolated. I hope to be able to do some volunteer work to create more social ...

Profile picture of Tessa

Offer from Tessa


I myself have NAH and have been working on recovery & rehabilitation for the past 4 years. I've been alone a lot and known a lot of...

Profile picture of Sander

Sander's offer


With pre-retirement, so I would like to hand in some free time to help others, where they can no longer do it themselves, I do that for...

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Profile picture of Anke

Anke's offer


I am registering on behalf of my 12-year-old daughter: she would very much like to volunteer to help with (home) animal care once a wee...

Profile picture of Jan

Offer from Jan


Hello my name is Jan and I am a healthy empathetic young man of 65 1/2 years old. I like to play classical music (99% Bach) on my keybo...

Profile picture of Reggie

Offerings from Reggie


Hello! My name is Reggie and I am 27 years old! I love helping people regardless of age. Helping people and making them happy is great ...

Profile picture of Abed



Hello I am Abed, I live in Zaandam and speak a little Dutch, I'm looking for a language buddy and I like all sports and shopping and ...

Profile picture of Ziad

Offer from ziad


I am an electronic engineer. I want to do something to improve my Dutch

Profile picture of Joyce

Nutrition - Cooking Princess


Hello everyone, I am looking for someone who likes healthy nutrition for the elderly and prepare the meals etc that go with it so wa...

Profile picture of Orhan

Offerings from Orhan


Hello My name is Orhan. I've been living in Oisterwaijk for about four months now I like helping people and making friends I also w...

Profile picture of Sjouke

Offer from Sjouke


Hello, My name is Sjouke and I am 26 years old. I have been working as a florist for 10 years now and next school year I will start ...

Profile picture of Jeanet

Jeanette's offer


For some time now I have been teaching Dutch to women (from outside the Netherlands) with limited knowledge of the Dutch language. In a...

Profile picture of Marjolein

Offer from Marjolein


I would like to do activities every now and then, for example a chat or play a game with people who need it, just one or two afternoons...

Profile picture of Carola

Offer from Carola


I would like to mean something to society and to others, and to orientate myself in other areas of work.

Profile picture of Viviana

Offer from Viviana


I want to be among people, currently I'm at home on sick leave and I'm sure I can make someone else happy with a helping hand. I am hap...

Profile picture of Annet

Offer from Annet


Independent entrepreneur with passion. Who is open to help other people as well. Or to support in advice.

Profile picture of Henk

Offer from Henk


During my working life I have held various leadership positions within the pharmaceutical industry. After my retirement I became active...

Profile picture of Patrick

Patrick's offer


The last few years have been very difficult for many organizations. Art and culture have suffered a lot from this, and they could use e...

Profile picture of Arya

Offerings from Arya


Hi, Helping people who are in a difficult situation is important, I have a very nice life in the Netherlands, and I am very grateful...

Profile picture of Mitchell

Offer from Mitchell


Would like to help insecure young people in gym or sports myself I also like sports and would like to give something back to young peop...

Profile picture of Chantal

Offer from Chantal


I work full time 4 days a week and have time off to do something for someone else. I like to be outside for a walk or on a bike. Work f...

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