Growthhack Nice to meet you We are NLvoorelkaar, a volunteer network which collects all volunteerwork, good causes and individual questions for help in the Netherlands.From Red Cross to your neighboor next door, from playing bingo with lonely elderly to organizing a festival - you can do and find it all. For 7 years we succesfully inspire a million visitors a year to help or ask for help, resulting in over 65.000 platform users and 60.000 voluteerjobs. 200.000 connections made Help needed Although we made close to 200.000 connections, more helping hands are needed.. about 20.000 pairs of them (because of something we call 'vergrijzing'). Lucky us: we know many want to help + our platform is easy & fun + it's free to use :)! So that leaves us with 'just' one challenge: how do we spread the word to inspire more Dutchies to use their talent and time to help others? (sneak peek of our idea below) Growth hack for social impact We came up with an awesome growth hack idea which would benefit us both - but most of all every elderly, lonely, disabled or just temporarily having a hard time Dutchie in need of a helping hand.You see - Tinder and NLvoorelkaar's DNA have some amazing similarites. We are both into finding matches (for love | a good cause), meeting new and interesting people and changing your life - and that of somebody else. So why not combine the power of us both: connecting the Netherlands with doing good? Lets team up for change! Press-worthy team up Please mind that this is just a concept- we would love to hear your ideas- but we believe we can generate a lot of love and attention for volunteerwork 2.0 by creating a PR stunt. You have amazing reach within our target audience - we are experts at doing good. Together we can empower all Dutchies to turn their talent and time into social good - and teaming up would mean an awesome new pressworthy phenomenon! Social return Interested in teaming up to growth hack volunteering in the Netherlands, practice social return in the most unique and easy way AND make a lot of social impact in one go, please contact me!Anne van Roosmalen | Marketing [email protected] 06 11 29 97 06 Deel deze verhalen en inspireer anderen om ook te helpen! Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Whatsapp Forward

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